Types of Texas Holdem Games

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ace and king of diamonds as a hold’em poker starting handTexas Holdem is a widely played poker variation and the fact of the matter is that if you are wanting to get involved in poker you will want to master holdem. Texas Holdem is such a popular game that there are a few ways you can play it. There are several different variations and they are determined by the betting structure of each game.

Here’s an overview of each holdem game type:

Fixed Limit Holdem
In fixed limit holdem the amount that you can bet at any one round of betting is restricted to a fixed maximum limit, the minimum betting limit is also set. The betting limit is in multiples of the limit being played. For instance, in a $1/$2 limit game, the first 2 rounds of betting would be in multiples of $1, and the final 2 rounds of betting would be in multiples of $2.

No Limit Holdem
No limit holdem is the most dangerous holdem game for the new player as you can lose all your chips in just one hand. As the name suggests your betting is not restricted and you can go all in at any stage of betting. The minimum betting limit is equal to the size of the big blind. So, for example, it was a $1/$2 no limit holdem game, the minimum amount you could bet preflop and after the flop would be $2.

Pot Limit Holdem
Pot limit holdem games are similar to the no limit structure of betting. The rules in pot limit holdem are that at each stage of betting you can bet anywhere between the big blind and the value of the pot at that time.

Besides the differences in betting limits the rules are pretty much the same. That said, the Fixed Limit and No Limit versions of Hold’em are strategically very different games because of their betting structures. In fact, Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson claims both games are so different that it’s rare for a player to excel at the highest level in both forms of the game. Many no-limit players have a lot of difficulty adjusting to fixed limit games, and many limit players quite often lack the necessary feel to do well at no-limit.

Rules and strategy aside, the No Limit Hold’em games are by far the most popular poker variant that is played in casinos and online poker rooms. Popularized by TV poker and major poker tournaments like the WSOP, every person that tried their hand at poker got started with no limit.