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UFC 129 promises to be an action packed event. The event is at the Rogers Centre in Onterio Canada, and starts at 6pm Pacific time(9pm Eastern Time). Head on over to Bookmaker bonus code to get set up to put a wager on the fights. The headline of the 11 fight, fight card is Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields.

Georges St-Pierre is a 29 year old Canada native. Often referred to as GSP, he is the current Welterweight Champion of the UFC. GSP has been widely praised by many media outlets, and is often considered the best welterweight MMA fighter in the world.

Jake Shields is 32 year old from Mountain Ranch, California. Jake Shields has not lost a fight in 5 years, having 15 consecutive wins. He is a member of the scrap pack, having trained extensively with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Cesar Gracie.

Georges St-Pierre vs Jake Shields
21-2-0 Record 26-4-1
5′ 10″ Height 6′ 0″
170lbs (77kg) Weight 170.5lbs (77kg)
76.0 in Reach 72.0 in

Another bout, sure to be exciting is the featherweight battle of Jose Aldo and Mark Hominick. This is sure to be a fast moving battle of two fast moving strikers.

Jose Aldo is the first and current featherweight UFC champion. Jose Aldo is a 24 year old Brazil native. Growing up he faced financial hardship, and has worked hard for the success he has achieved. His personal success is a result of hard work and determination, and this makes him a force to contend with in the ring.

Mark Hominick is a 28 year old Canadian Featherweight MMA fighter. He has more experience then Aldo, having been in 28 fights. This will be a tough battle for Hominick, and I believe his best chance to win is via Aldo submission. Aldo is favored to win.

Jose Aldo vs Mark Hominick
18-1-0 Record 20-8-0
5′ 7″ Height 5′ 8″
145lbs (65kg) Weight 145lbs (65kg)
70.0 in Reach 68.5 in

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Jason Brilz is the light heavyweight bout from the card. This could be a great battle of two giants. Vladimir Matyushenko “the Janitor” is a slight favorite over the American Brilz.

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Jason Brilz
25-5-0 Record 18-3-1
6′ 0″ Height 5′ 11″
205lbs (93kg) Weight 205lbs (93kg)
74 in Reach 71.5 in

Randy Couture vs Lyoto Machida: World class wrestler Randy “The Natural” Couture will have an uphill battle. The karate of Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida will probably be more then he can handle. Machida is known for patently counter striking his opponents, the 15 year age difference is also sure to hurt Couture.

Randy Couture vs Lyoto Machida
19-10-0 Record 16-2-0
6′ 2″ Height 6′ 1″
205lbs (93kg) Weight 205lbs (93kg)
75.0 in Reach 74.0 in

The following two matches will be on Spike TV. Check your local listings to see when you can watch them at home!

Nate Diaz vs Rory MacDonald

13-6-0 Record 10-1-0
6′ 0″ Height 6′ 0″
170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
76 Reach

Sean Pierson vs Jake Ellenberger

11-4-0 Record 24-5-0
6′ 0″ Height 6′ 0″
170lbs (77kg) Weight 170lbs (77kg)
Reach 73

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