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Many of you are from the US, and know sports betting is illegal, in all but a few cases. But in the rest of the world, it is a hobby and pass-time done openly. In the UK for example, sports betting is legal, and many betting houses take bets. UK sports betting took the natural path as the internet came to be. The internet provided lightning fast exchange of information. This produced fast odds, huge player pools and even live betting.

If you like to bet on sports, you should know many sports books have iPhone, android and other smart phone apps.  Many UK books are becoming UK Mobile Sports Betting Sites, buy releasing smart phone apps. Mobile sports betting apps are great because you  can look at the line and place a wager from the convenience of your phone.

Use a Trusted Book

Make sure you use one of the books listed on the site above. Don’t find out to late you went with the wrong betting company. The trusted and licensed books will pay you your winnings fast and with no problems.

Make Smart Wagers

When you bet on sports, you have to bet with your head, not your heart. To be a winner over time you have to think of bets like investing. Have a reason to make the bet, know why you are making the right choice. After the wager, take the time to reconsider what you thought before you made the bet. Did it work out like you planed? What went right? What went wrong?

Bet with your head, not over it

Since we covered making smart bets, let brush on smart bankroll management. It is important to bet amounts you can afford to lose, no matter how sure thing you are betting. If you can not control yourself, please get help.