Vikings vs. Bears Monday Night Football

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It feels like a big day here in Minnesota. Crews have been working non-stop to ready the stadium. A new coach is piecing together a battered NFL team. Office staff and media companies have been inventing new systems and making impossible scenarios come to life.

After the collapse of the Metrodome roof the vikings where forced to play a game in Detroit. With the repairs looking more and more serious everyday, a decision was made to play the game at TCF Field at the UofM. The confusion is apparent as the Sports Betting sites have only started to post odds for the game yesterday.

Tonight is the first outside professional football game in Minnesota in 30 years. I am just across the river, in St. Paul, MN where the weather is calm and a rather warm 38 degrees. The forecast for tonight is 2-6 inches of snow and winds 10-20MPH. The field is expected to be slippery, and it has been reported it is as hard as cement.

The vikings enter this game with a flurry of injuries. As everyone knows our starting quarterback, Brett Favre, is injured. But, our second quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is out for the season with turf toe. So we will see rookie QB Joe Webb. This will be Mr. Webb’s chance to be seen by the world.

Beside the QB situation, injuries are still a factor. Super star running back Adrain Peterson is Questionable, with a knee injury. MN guard, Steve Hutchinson is out with a thumb injury. And a host of other players are questionable for play in Monday nights game.

I predict the Vikings are going to get blown out of the water. As a Minnesotan is nice to think our team can handle the weather. But the truth is we are a dome team, with very little outdoor experience. Chicago plays their home games outdoors, and is more accustomed to the conditions.

Who knows how Joe Webb will look tonight. I assume we will see the Vikings keep the ball on the ground. This could be a problem, as the Bears have already proven they can shut down Adrain Peterson.

As for me, I will watch the game on television. I will have to go out and shovel during halftime, but if we have less then six inches of snow I will be back in time to see the rest of the game.