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Any serious online poker player knows about the benefits that come from getting rakeback deals that are offered by many of the online poker rooms.

For those players who are not in the know, rakeback is a cash rebate of some of your playing fees. When the cash rebates that come from rakeback are combined with other poker bonuses and promotions, this extra money can have the ability of turning what was a break-even player into a winning player.
Not all online poker rooms offer rakeback deals, though. Which is why it is important to clue yourself up on poker rakeback.

Generally speaking, it’s the smaller poker rooms that are the ones that offer rakeback deals, which in turn means you can participate in rakeback races as part of the rakeback program to try and win yourself even more life changing money.

But not all rakeback deals are created equal, and in fact some online poker rooms don’t offer rakeback at all.
PokerStars, the leading online poker room, is no exception, and doesn’t offer rakeback to its players. However, they’re still interested in rewarding loyalty in the form of the PokerStars Loyalty Program. This is basically the equivalent of rakeback deals, so players really aren’t missing out.

Instead of providing an incentive to players in the form of rakeback deals, each player earns Frequent Player Points (FPPs). These points are accumulated when playing in real money games, allows players to climb up the levels of the VIP program and the higher up the levels you go, the more cash bonuses and rewards you get to receive.

If you can manage to reach the superior VIP level on PokerStars, you will be eligible to receive the equivalent of 60% PokerStars Rakeback. How does that sound? That’s if you get in a lot of volume, but even if you’re not such a serious online poker player, and only play recreationally, the rewards are still quite attractive and start from the equivalent of 8% rakeback and up.

Remember, these incentives are in addition to the regular deposit poker bonuses and reload bonuses that you already get.

So, whenever you are weighing up the decision of joining a new online poker room, always consider the rakeback deals and loyalty programs being offered. Don’t assume that you can get rakeback, and if its available to you, try and get the best rakeback deal that is possible.