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Playing online poker is a lot of fun, and can also be quite lucrative. After you have your rake back deal in place and the software download, the hard part starts. Now it is time to grind down your opponents, and alleviate them of their bankroll. Here are some three bet tips to get you started.

When you make the third bet in a game of limit Hold’em, it is called the three bet. This is typically the re-raise and you may encounter it before the flop. An effective three bet is one that is placed by accurately assessing, the hand range of your opponent. If you place a three-way bet with either a wide or narrow range, the probability that it may be exploited by your opponents, is extremely high.

One factor that can help you place a profitable three bet is to know the two types of three bet options that you have and when they should be used. The two types of three bets are: the three bet for value and three bet before establishing value. A three bet for value is one that is placed to increase the value of the pot. This is the typical three bet that is used in poker when a player is certain that he has the best hand and that he can build the pot. A three bet that you place before establishing value, is a re-raise of a raise that was made at the pre-flop. This bet is typically placed with a hand that is not considered the best pre-flop, yet has the potential for it later.

What to know when placing a three bet for value

The three bet that you make for value should ideally be placed by taking into consideration a number of factors. Some of them are: the dynamics of the table, your image at the table, your opponent’s tendency to play, your opponent’s image at the table and such. When you play against an opponent who is tight and aggressive, the bet for value can be considerably tight. For instance, this is so when the hand has an AA, AJ or AK.

On the other hand, if you are playing against a loose and aggressive player, you may have a considerably wider range. An instance of this would be a hand in the range of AA to 99 and even an AK to AQ. When you three bet in a tight range, ensure that you don’t establish a pattern that can be predicted. This will allow your opponents to make accurate decisions that negatively affect your game.

What to know when placing a three bet before establishing its value

When you place a bet with a hand whose value has not yet been established, you are making a semi-bluff. The key objective of this bet is to win the pot quickly. At such a time, you are expecting your opponent to fold when you re-raise. An opponent who is likely to do this is a loose player who has the tendency to open their raises in a loose manner. Such players raise relatively small amounts. Owing to this and the possibility that the opponent may fold, you get the opportunity to re-raise light. This can lead you to win the pot, without having to see the flop.

Establishing a balance in your range

Your re-raises tend to be more balanced when you make three bets. So, avoid making these bets only when you have a tight range that comprises of a hand with AA, AK or QQ. This will create a range that is relatively unbalanced, and hence one that opponents cannot predict.

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