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The WSOP main event had 6,865 players this year, down less then 500 from last year. The event is following a familiar structure, with the final table returning in November to conclude the tournament. The prize pool is $64,531,000 , with first place $8,711,956. The top 693 places payed out at least $19,359.

For now the November nine players will be sent home with $782,115 (9th place money), and asked to return November 5th to play it out.


WSOP 2011 November 9:
Picture Quick Facts About

Martin Staszko

Chips: 40,175,000

Home: Trinec, Czech Republic

Age: 35

Martin Staszko, the first Czech to make it to a main event final table, is the current WSOP main event chip leader. He is 35, older then then most of the field, and has less then $100k in lifetime earnings. His play has been very tricky, and the other players have taken notice. He has shown he can play patiently, folding 40 hands in a row short handed. He has also show he can use hyper-aggression, and push others around. His day eight play was almost magical as he seamed to make all the right moves and gain the biggest stake of chips for his effort.Martin Stasko Player Profile

Eoghan O’Dea

Chips: 33,925,000

Home: Dublin, Ireland

Age: 26

Eoghan O’Dea is the son of long time poker great Donnacha “The Don” O’Dea. Eoghan O’Dea plays primarily online under the moniker ‘intruder123’, and has had some tournament success. In 2008 he got a 2nd place finish in the Poker Million for $260,000, shortly after he had a $300k online payday.Eoghan O’Dea Player Profile

Matt Giannetti

Chips: 24,750,000

Home: Las Vegas, NV USA

Age: 25

Matt Giannetti has an impressive poker resume, with 11 WSOP cashes under his belt. Matt Giannetti spent much of day eight with a short stack. He was card dead, and simply had to wait. The big moment came as he was getting desperately low on chips. He picked up JJ went all in and doubled up, giving him a new lease on life. Pocket jacks ended up being his hand, as he doubled up one more time with them to acquire his current chip stack. Matt Giannetti is a sure contender to win this.Matt Giannetti Player Profile

Phil Collins

Chips: 23,775,000

Home: Las Vegas, NV USA

Age: 25

Phil Collins has over 3m in online poker winnings, and about 120k in live cashes. Phil Collins had a large, and rambunctious cheering section and when he won a hand the crowd would break into “In the Air Tonight”, a song by his musical namesake. “I been waiting for this moment all my life”, was the chant and it was true for all the players at the table. Phil Collins has proven to be a great player, with sophisticated play and is a serious contender for the title.Phil Collins Player Profile

Ben Lamb

Chips: 20,875,000

Home: Tulsa, OK USA

Age: 26

Ben Lamb held a large chip stack for most of day eight, but fell a bit in the weening hands of the November 9 bubble. He is a solid player with an intimidating stare, and an aggressive presence. Ben Lamb has shown he has no fear to splash around chips, and will be a force to recon with at the final table.Ben Lamb Poker Profile

Badih Bou-Nahra

Chips: 19,700,000

Home: Belize City, Belize

Age: 49

Badih Bou-Nahra is by far the oldest member of the November 9. He is a card room owner from Belize. Badih Bou-Nahra was short stacked for most of day eight, but waited with great patience for his spots. His big break came when he pushed all in with KK and John Hewitt called him with a KQo. This would set up the end of John Hewitt tournament.Badih Bou-Nahra Player Profile

Pius Heinz

Chips: 16,425,000

Home: Cologne, Germany

Age: 22

Pius Heinz is a 22 year old from Cologne, Germany. He plays online poker under the name MastaP89. Pius Heinz does not have the poker resume of some of the other final table contestants. He took down the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Mulligan in July 2010 for $61,000 and has a $30k and $15k cash. Pius Heinz is a solid poker player, but he might be a bit out skilled at this table.Pius Heinz Player Profile

Anton Makievskyi

Chips: 13,925,000

Home: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Age: 21

Anton Makievskyi started day eight as the chipleader. He had an amazing day seven hand where he held KJ and his opponent held AJ. The flop was KJJ, and all the chips went in, no ace came and Anton Makievskyi was the chip leader. Anton Makievskyi did not play very many hands on day eight, perhaps he was card dead, or just floating to the November 9.Anton Makievskyi Player Profile

Samuel Holden

Chips: 12,375,000

Home: Sussex, United Kingdom

Age: 22

Samuel Holden plays online as SamDMND. He has very limited live poker cashes in live events, but around $250k in tournaments. Samuel Holden is definitely out leagued at this table. Samuel Holden is a solid player, but will need a nice run of cards to win the bracelet.Sam Holden Player Profile
Place Name Prize
1st Pius Heinz $8,715,638
2nd Martin Staszko $5,433,086
3rd Ben Lamb $4,021,138
4th Matt Giannetti $3,012,700
5th Phil Collins $2,269,599
6th Eoghan O’Dea $1,720,831
7th Badih “Bob” Bounahra $1,314,097
8th Anton Makiievskyi $1,010,015
9th Sam Holden $782,115

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