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PokerStars has launched a beta edition of “Zoom Poker”. What is Zoom Poker you ask? It is a fast paced ring game format. It’s just like your favorite poker games, except your opponents change every hand. This is because you are playing against a pool of players rather than a fixed set of opponents on a single table. If you ever played Rush poker at FTP, it is the same thing.

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When you fold in Zoom you are immediately moved to a hand at a new table. You can fold at any point in the hand when you are facing a bet. You can even click the ‘Fast Fold’ button, which allows you to fold when it is not yet your turn to act. This greatly speeds up the action, because you can move on to the next hand before everyone else finishes playing their hand.

The beta version is available for you to try now. You can find Zoom tables under the new ‘Zoom’ tab in the PokerStars game software. Simply choose the stakes you want to play and you’ll be dealt in.

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More on How Zoom Works:

  • Choose your game and stake level in the Zoom lobby, located under the ‘Zoom’ tab. Click ‘Join Game’ to get started.

  • You’ll be asked to choose your buy-in amount and the number of tables you would like to play. Zoom is much faster than our regular tables, so we recommend you start with just one. When you get more comfortable, you can join up to four Zoom tables at once.

  • When you click OK, you will be randomly seated with a set of players from your chosen game. Your first hand will usually be from the big blind. For every subsequent hand you will be seated randomly.
  • If at any time you don’t want to play your hand, and you are not facing a bet (i.e. you have an option to check) then use the ‘Fast Fold’ button to fold instantly. If you clicked ‘Fast Fold’, or fold at any other point in the hand, you will instantly be dealt into a new hand, with new opponents.

  • Players are seated randomly for each hand, and the blinds are then set depending on who among the players has been the big blind least often.
  • You can also watch the end of a hand by holding the CTRL key when you the click Fold button. If you use ‘Fast Fold’ however, you will be unable to remain on that table and watch the end of the hand (the ‘Fast Fold’ button is specifically there to move you quickly to another table).
  • There are also options available to try different Zoom table animations. You can find these by clicking ‘Options’ > ‘Table Display Options’ > ‘Zoom Animation’.

Initially Zoom will only be offered in ring games for No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, at certain stakes only. Further stakes, game types and tournaments may be added in the future.

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